About Assembléon
Global developer and manufacturer of SMT equipment
Assembléon, originally part of Philips Electronics Netherlands, provides assembly equipment, processes and services for the SMT & backend semiconductor market. The Assembléon machines are designed for longevity, accuracy and reliability, a unique one machine solution that can combine accurate Flip Chip mounting with fast passive component placement.

Being the pioneer and first smt assembly machine manufacturer, Assembléon has now more than three decades’ experience in the SMT (surface mount technology) industry and we are acknowledged as true performance leaders. Our equipment places electrical components on printed circuit boards in a uniquely controlled manner. That leads to an incredibly low number of placement defects – down to 1 defect per million placements compared to an industry average of above 50 dpm. That in turn means a much higher First Pass Yield, which gives our customers far and away the lowest overall costs of manufacturing.

Part of the world’s smartest region

Assembléon is at the center of the Brainport region that was judged in 2011 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) as the World’s smartest region. We are surrounded by companies operating in the high-tech industries – each with its own specific skills and knowledge. By focusing on high-value, advanced technology products, we and our regional partners have demonstrated effective co-operation, sharing both skills and knowledge to deliver best-in-class products.

By sharing and using the world class expertise of the companies in this region, more innovating products can be developed much faster.


In April 2012 Jeroen de Groot, who has worked for Assembléon since 1997, became our CEO. His vision is clear: We simply need to do what we are good at. And that is to serve the market with the enthusiasm and drive of a small company that keeps close to its clients and to its regional suppliers. It is an approach not only successful in healthy economic times, but also an approach that will help us survive in economically difficult times.

Our history

In 1977, Philips pioneered a new technique of making smaller and cheaper electronics: surface mount technology. Although the technique had been demonstrated in the 1960s, it had not been widely adopted. That needed the industry to agree a whole range of standards, and a huge investment. There was serious doubt at the time as to whether it would ever replace component insertion.

Three essential and linked technology advances were needed: new methods of miniature packaging (bulk, tape, stick ...), new types of component package (chips, SOT, SO, ...) and, above all, a new type of assembly machine to place the components on pc boards reliably and at high speed.

In 1981, Philips built a revolutionary machine that was many times faster than any system on the market, making electronics manufacturing ten times cheaper.  It eventually placed a phenomenal half a million components per hour, and became a world wide success. A new business was born: Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology (Philips EMT). Since then, our company has grown steadily, opening offices worldwide.

Currently, Assembléon is present in all the major electronic manufacturing regions, with main offices in Europe (Veldhoven, the Netherlands), USA (Alpharetta, GA), Singapore, China (Suzhou).

Our customers

Assembléon is a steady and reliable player in the industry for over 30 years. Our machines are globally known for their precision and high quality, with the lowest dropout rates combined with high speeds and great production flexibility. The same equipment has served our customers for many years and, because of its modular and future-proof design, is easily upgraded to always handle the latest technologies. Assembléon’s major customers are industry leading brands in the following industries:

  • Semiconductor backend and substrate manufacturing

Specialized high volume equipment, placing extremely small and fragile components in modules, processors and substrates.

Since 1992, our pick & place machines have led the industry. More recently, our 'Hybrid Embedded' equipment has done the same in the semiconductor backend industry. It is the only machine to combine high-speed chip shooting - of extremely small parts - and high-speed bare die bonding at accuries far below 20 microns, normally performed by dedicated and inflexible equipment.
Lowering the production costs of modules by its high-speed placement, the machine adds tremendous value to our customers. Our unique placement process gives less than 1 dpm defect rate: crucial for these high-value industries. Our expertise in the semicon back-end industry has brought a leap in performance for new technologies like embedding very thin parts into substrates themselves. This new technology makes (mostly mobiles and tablets) thinner, faster and more reliable.   

  •    Memory manufacturing

Equipment dedicated to accurate high-speed placement of memory chips like DDR, DRAM and SSD.

Memory prices are under continual price pressure. Our 'Hybrid Memory' equipment helps by combining high-speed chip shooting with memory IC shooting (traditionally done by slower end-of-line placers).

That significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing memory modules like DDR, DRAM and SSD. Our specialized equipment not only has the industry’s highest output, but is optimized to guarantee constant throughput of first-time-right memory modules flowing from your production line.

  • Safety-critical applications like automotive, medical and military

Assembléon is a trustworthy party when it comes to safety-critical applications

Co-operating with our customers has enabled us to deliver equipment that you can use with confidence. Strict production requirements demand a fully controlled process. Next to our qualitiy driven data preparation tools, our single pick & place core competence ensures that every part is placed exactly according to a blue-print – a process leading to our uniquely low defect level of below 1 dpm.

Even so, products are removed from the production line on any suspicion of a process fault, guaranteeing that only good boards leave our system. To reduce the costs of recall, which can be prohibitive in safety-critical industries, we offer world class level 4 tracking, recorded all the way down to a single part on a board.

In co-operation with our customers again, we ensure that our equipment is regularly measured and verified, so you live up to your own promises of reliable and quality supply.

  • Mobile and consumer products

Accurate, high-speed placement is essential to continually reduce the price of consumer products.

While the prices of mobile and consumer products are continuously eroding, product lifecycles are decreasing and complexity is increasing. With growing expertise in the back-end industry and active participation in new technologies like component embedding, Assembléon offers a sustainable future-proof investment. Our products add value by giving the industry’s lowest costs per placement combined with high placement quality, flexibility, ease-of-use and customer service.

  • Industrial applications like transformers, power and solar electronics and servers

Assembléon offers a wide range of equipment for this market’s wide variety and complexity of applications.

Large boards, odd components, through-hole or snap-ins: With industrial applications, nothing is standard. Our equipment brings great flexibility, and our expertise can deliver a system matching your exact requirements. Even for challenging applications, Assembléon's long expertise in mounting can provide you with tailer-made solutions .

  • Evaluation, prototyping and small businesses


Your prototyping competitiveness increases when you can instantly convert a bare board with a handful of components into a finished working PCB. That is exactly what our equipement offers. A cost-competitive machine for small businesses and prototyping businesses, the pick and place machines offer extensive and easy-to-use on-board NPI functions. 

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